Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas For a Sophisticated Dining Experience
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Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas For a Sophisticated Dining Experience

Whether it’s for family dinners alfresco or entertaining guests poolside, an outdoor kitchen offers a dining experience that just can’t be beat. Read on to learn more about these sophisticated spaces that are taking backyards by storm.

Often, homeowners choose an L-shaped layout for their outdoor kitchens. This allows one side to accommodate the cooking area (oven, burners and countertops) while the other includes seating and a sink.

Bar & Grill

Cooking outside can be a great way to keep friends and family together. It’s essential to plan the space with guests in mind, including a comfortable place to hang out while food cooks or for after-dinner drinks.

Adding a bar and grill to your outdoor kitchen is an easy way to accommodate everyone. Barstool seating is a great place to grab drinks and munch on appetizers while the grill master works their magic.

If you don’t have room for an entire bar, consider incorporating a planter wall that doubles as a spot to stash bottles. It’s a smart way to keep your beverage supply close at hand while also keeping the kitchen tidy and organized. Incorporate other functional accents, like a wine refrigerator or clay pizza oven, to maximize the functionality of the space. These details aren’t just for convenience—they add visual interest as well! Especially when they’re in eye-catching colors or with detailed accents.

Covered Deck

Keeping food and beverages protected from the elements is one of the most important considerations when designing an outdoor cooking space. Look for weatherproof materials, decor and appliances that are ready to face the elements without fading, chipping or rusting.

An effective outdoor kitchen should provide enough room for meal prep work, beverage storage and seating. Incorporate different zones to accommodate guests’ needs, such as a barstool area that enables people to gather around and chat with the chef while dinner is cooking.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen design that’s modern and sleek or Old World and homey, there are plenty of options available. In this cozy Mediterranean-inspired outdoor cooking space, natural patio pavers and hammered copper accents lend an authentic vibe. The farmhouse sink, simple rack for cooking utensils and brick backsplash add classic appeal. The wrap-around concrete countertop provides ample prep space for family meals and easy entertaining. The slatted trellis adds additional modern texture to the space.

Tiki Bar

A tiki bar is an excellent way to bring an exotic feel to your backyard. These bars are often modeled after Polynesian restaurants that featured flashy decor, such as bamboo shot glasses, carved tiki masks, flaming torches, fish nets draped on the walls and flower leis. The great thing about a tiki bar is you can make it as tropical or as plain as you want.

Some offshoots of tiki design adopt a more DIY punk rock and rockabilly aesthetic, with a rebellious edge that’s still fun. This style can be incorporated into your tiki bar with a few strands of lighted string lights or more upscale decor, such as these Seminole wood carvings.

A tiki bar is also an excellent way to add an extra dining spot to your yard. You can set up a folding table and chairs or build in a bar-height island with prep space, a farmhouse sink and simple rack for cooking utensils.

Outdoor Fireplace

A cozy outdoor fireplace is a tried-and-true way to upgrade your backyard ideas. This one from Fantastic Frank doubles as a kitchen island and offers an extra layer of warmth and comfort when entertaining outside.

When planning your outdoor kitchen, include plenty of open and closed storage space to accommodate all the tools you need for meal prep and hosting parties. Having everything neatly organized and close at hand prevents trips back and forth between the house and backyard.

This kitchen from New Eco Landscapes uses the same natural toned wood on the cabinetry and tall angled pergola to create a cohesive aesthetic. Bright blue chairs around the dining table add a pop of color that catches the eye. Herb gardens in stylish planter boxes filled with lavender, yucca, and juniper add a natural touch to the backyard.